Company profile

OPTIMUM ENVIRONMENTAL AND ENERGY  TECHNOLOGIES is founded in 2000 and an experienced partner in:

  1. Odour & VOC emission reduction; industrial air and flue gas purification systems with OPTIMUM thermal and catalytic oxidizers
  2. Waste heat recovery for fouling applications; based on OPTIMUM low fouling steam boilers with the patented Automated Pipe Cleaning System APCS;
  3. Sustainable energy (biomass incineration, power generation concepts, heat recovery systems);
  4. Waste heat recovery in the Sulfuric acid (alkylation) industry through MECS Dupont

We design and deliver turn key technical solutions for emission problems such as odour and VOC emissions. We have strong preference for combining our technical solutions with the recovery of heat or energy in the broadest sense. For the applied technologies, please see Sollutions & industries

Last but not least we have developed a new technology for the automatic and in line cleaning of fire tube boilers. This Automated Pipe Cleaning System (APCS) is patented worldwide


We at OPTIMUM ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES provide technical solutions for the following:

Odour emissions:

  • Air pollutions
  • VOC emissions
  • Fluid organic waste streams
  • Heat recovery
  • Low scale waste incineration
  • Optimizing of dryers

Applied technologies

  • Thermal incineration
  • Catalytic incineration
  • Regenerative incineration
  • Fluid organic waste incineration
  • Fluidized bed incineration
  • Condenser technology
  • SCR deNOx technology
  • Heat recovery

Applied equipment and products

  • Thermal afterburners
  • Catalytic afterburners
  • Burners & burner equipment
  • Condensers, Heat exchangers
  • Recuperators, Economizers
  • APCS(in line cleaning of fire tube boilers)


  • 3-way catalyst
  • Oxidation catalyst
  • SCR catalyst
  • Silicon removal
  • Ammonia dissociation catalyst
  • Cleaning & maintenance